Feeling Sympathy For Narcissists: The Arguments For And Against

Should we sympathize with the narcissists among us? That is the difficult question posed in this article.

On the surface of it, you might think it’s a ridiculous question to ask – why should we care for anybody who shows no care for others? Look a little deeper, however, and there are some genuine arguments that suggest we should pity these poor souls rather than regard them as toxic. 

It is most definitely a double-edged sword, though. There are just as many reasons to feel nothing but resentment towards them, and we’ll try to look at both sides of the debate below.

Sympathy Vs. Feeling Sorry Or Bad

The title of this article could have easily used the words ‘sorry’ or ‘bad’ in place of sympathy, but these are definitely two things that you should not feel towards a narcissist.

Firstly, you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for when it comes to narcissists. You did not make them the way they are, you do not owe them anything, and distancing yourself from them is not a cruel act in any way. 

Likewise, if you feel bad for a narcissist, then you are once again falling under their spell. You do not need to express a negative emotion on their behalf; you should not let their plight bring you down in any way.

Sympathy, on the other hand, is not a negative emotion and it does not imply any blame on your part. Sympathy is a feeling that has its roots in love, in caring, and in compassion.

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