5 Ways To Identify The Secret Language Of Narcissists

Charming, intelligent, caring…hardly words we’d use to describe a narcissist, but in truth the reason so many get sucked into a narcissist’s world is because your initial exchange with them can almost sweep you off your feet.

The charm quickly wears off the moment a narcissist feels threatened.  If they think you’re the threat (of if they feel you can see them for who they really are), then beware for the punishment that follows by way of rumors, bashing…and even physical abuse.

Charm is one way a narcissist will manipulate you…but unfortunately, narcissists are often highly intuitive, too, according to Dr. Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom.  This can set you up for experiences you’d never imagine yourself to be a part of because a narcissist with intuition will only use their intuition for their own self-interest.  Period.

Aside from the obvious, “all about me” immature nature of some narcissist (easy to spot), some are very advanced at manipulation, pulling you into their world and setting you up for massive emotional abuse and an energy drain leaving you more whipped than a 10K run.

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