My ‘To Be’ List for Living Peacefully With Rheumatoid Arthritis

I sit on the lounge, every window open inviting in the cool change brought upon by the heavy rain and storms of the wet season. Raindrops pitter-pattering on my balcony are drowned out by the city sounds of roaring engines and tires slapping at saturated roads. The cool air brings small bumps to my arms and I smile at them, thinking about the heat of the day, the year and the relief of the chill.

It is a new year now and even though I know it is naïve to think today is any different to any other, I can’t bring myself believe anything less. I have never needed a fresh start as badly as I do right now.

The past year was a war of fire and rage inside of my body. The past year I felt robbed and stripped and left broken and vulnerable on the ground. I felt robbed of my abilities, my hobbies, my interests, some of my cognition, my social life, my love of the outdoors, my peace, and my comfort.

I’ve felt robbed of everything; robbed of me.

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