Fibromyalgia Medication Efficacy and Side-Effects

The smarter approach is always going to be the least invasive with the least negative or toxic side effects. This means you may have to take more personal responsibility when working with your doctor. When you are prescribed any medication, you always need to be thinking “is this the lowest effective dose for my condition?”

Building a tolerance to any fibromyalgia medication without the use of other conjunctive therapies is counterproductive because we are not allowing the body to aid in the healing process. And, by healing process, we are not talking about a ”cure” for fibro; no, we are talking about creating greater levels of wellness and well-being while reducing overall pain levels and fibro symptoms.
Some of us have been forced to be more creative, due to intolerance to medications and/or belief in holistic methods and modalities of healing. We often use the word “preventative” when referring to a lifestyle that supports less susceptibility to all disease. Yet, preventative measures are simply living the lifestyle in which we were meant to live.

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