Scoliosis can seem unbearable – but there are ways to manage the pain

Today is Scoliosis Awareness Day. For some scoliosis sufferers, this is a pretty accurate description of most days. In fact, it’s often hard to think about anything else.

I first became aware of a pain in my back around four years ago. I had been unwell for almost a year after losing a lot of weight unexpectedly, and in a very short space of time, and I reasoned that my spine was merely struggling to adjust to my new frame.

It was a strange sort of pain. Not a dull ache, but a raw and lively pang that lasted for days and days. If you think of the spine as a railway track running harmoniously in a straight line, each vertebra in perfect parallel to the next, mine felt like someone had cack-handedly rearranged the sleepers and then attempted to make good by slotting in a couple of extra ones at awkward angles. In all, it was upsetting the general sense of calm in my back, creating a nasty sensation of bones grinding together. It was a twisting-and-turning, bone-on-bone, pestle-and-mortar sort of feeling.

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