Side Effects of Targeted Cancer Therapy Drugs

Severe changes: These are bad rashes that cover a lot of skin, cause itching and soreness that affect your quality of life (such as sleep problems or pain), and are likely to get infected. Treatment is much like that used for moderate changes, including creams or gels, as well as an antibiotic that’s taken by mouth. Along with this, a course of corticosteroid pills is often given.

The targeted therapy drug dose often needs to be reduced when a person has severe skin changes. Expect to see your doctor often during this time. If the rash doesn’t get better within about 2 weeks, the targeted drug is often stopped until the skin changes improve. It may then be re-started with continued skin care.

A note about steroid skin creams and gels

Steroids that are spread on the skin in the form of creams, ointments, or gels can help many skin problems. But it’s important to know that using steroid creams for too long can actually cause other skin problems, and can make you more likely to get a skin infection. For this reason, only use steroid creams (even those that don’t require a prescription) as directed by your doctor.

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