8 Factors That Affect Life Span | Cerebral Palsy


Children who experience seizures, especially severe and frequent seizures, in addition to Cerebral Palsy are at risk for diminished life expectancy when compared to children who are without seizure. Seizures originate in the brain, but are not the result of the same brain injury that caused Cerebral Palsy.

Seizures may affect consciousness, emotions, sensation, vision, and muscle control. Repeated or prolonged seizures may lead to injury or severe lack of oxygen.

With the aid of a neurologist, parents can learn how to manage and properly medicate seizure activity. Medications must be monitored and changed often. The manner of weaning from one medication and replacing with another is extremely important with some medications. Care must be taken to prevent adverse drug interventions, especially when new medications are prescribed by other doctors.

When meeting to discuss the child’s seizures with medical practitioners, parents will need to provide information about how long the episodes typically last, what body parts are affected, the type of seizure, possible triggers, and how the child behaved during the seizure.

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