Sensory Processing Disorder and Summer: Help Your Child with a Temperature Sensitivity

Tips and Tricks to Help With Temperature Regulation

A child with SPD may not always choose the best clothing to deal with the heat. Some children will only wear long pants while others hate wearing clothing at all. When parents have a better idea of the clothing that a child will tolerate, they can shop with temperature in mind. For a child who will only wear long sleeves and pants, go for natural, breathable fabrics. It is best to wash clothing as soon as it comes home to soften it and get it ready to wear.

Monitor children with SPD to ensure they drink enough liquids. They may not respond to thirst as quickly as a child without the disorder. Track their fluid intake to ward off heat stroke or exhaustion. Also, keep track of the time they spend outside under the sun. Instituting regular shade breaks or taking some time inside can help keep them cool during the worst of the summer heat.

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