My MS Is Getting to Be a Pain, Literally

For most of the 36 years since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I’ve not been bothered by pain. Just lucky, I guess. Until last month. Suddenly, I’ve developed pain in both hips and I don’t know why.

The pain is most intense when I first put my feet on the ground, either getting out of bed in the morning or sliding off a wooden stool to a standing position after breakfast in the kitchen. It’s worse if I’m standing or walking on a hard surface, such as tile, and in bare feet. It’s less intense as I walk, using my two canes. And it’s hard to notice it at all, right now, as I’m writing this sitting at my desk on a comfortable leather chair, feet on the ground with good back support.

Tracking the pain

Since MS pain is new to me, and since I’ve read about some neurologists (not mine) poo-pooing the idea that MS can cause pain, I began a little research. One of the most comprehensive overviews came up on the U.K.’s Multiple Sclerosis Trust website. It lists a number of types of pain that can be associated with MS.

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