Sensory Routine: Back to School Nightly Routine to Help Sensory Kids

I’ve done it enough times, I know I’m not alone. Back to school time occasionally creeps up on us, other times it knocks us down hard. Going back to school, returning to a regular schedule and homework tend to get many kids a little anxious, let alone children with sensory issues. I’m frantically organizing after-school schedules and checking with teachers to alleviate some of that first day anxiety.

Back to School: A Nightly Routine to Help Sensory Kids |

If you are a parent of a school-age child that struggles with a sensory processing disorder, learning disability or an anxiety disorder, you know the struggles well. As the child gets older, it does get easier to predict the melt-downs. It seems as though you can eliminate a few sensory triggers that dictate an evening filled with tears. But what if you haven’t done this before? Or maybe the tricks you used last year weren’t as effective as you would’ve hoped?
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