No Longer Living A Double Life With Fibromyalgia

The sun’s rays have finally shown after weeks of cloudy, rainy days.  The vitamin D is greatly appreciated while I play ball with my bouncy (now six-month-old) puppy. I had forgotten how much caring for a puppy is similar to a toddler after a nap.

My hair is a mess. The soft, tousled curls from last night’s shower are nowhere to be seen. The hair doesn’t vary much in look. A good hair day now is equivalent to the bed-head look of when I was younger. I think I may have contracted my husband’s laryngitis  In my vigilance, I began taking a zinc supplement and readied my saline spray. All this, along with my regular medicine and part of a Neurontin tablet to reduce the flare symptoms I have experienced the past couple of days.

Like all those with chronic illness who try to have some semblance of a life, we try to assimilate to the lives of those who are healthy (or our pre-illness state), sometimes ignoring what our bodies are telling us. In other words, we live double lives. Since the arrival of Samee in November, my days start promptly at 5 a.m.  Evenings are shared responsibility, but from morning until mid- or late-afternoon, depending on my husband’s schedule, I am awake and semi-active. Samee is, like most pets, very intuitive; she has learned to pare back on the animated behavior and provide comfort on my bad days and during flares.

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