What is Scoliosis Bracing and How Effective is the Treatment?

ScoliSMART’s doctors recommend a multifaceted scoliosis treatment program that includes:

  • ScoliSMART Activity Suit, which provides the active resistance needed to let the brain know there’s a problem.
  • Scoliosis exercises that develop new reflexes to correct the spine’s posture.
  • Scoliosis BootCamp, a 10-day training program to help jump-start scoliosis treatment.
  • Nutritional testing to pinpoint any deficiencies contributing to scoliosis progression.

For decades, doctors have fallen back on the same scoliosis treatments: bracing and surgery. It’s time we put an end to the practice of forcing our children’s spines into alignment. There are better and more effective ways to stop curves from progressing.

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