More Evidence Insomnia Raises Stroke Risk

Chronic insomnia might seem like a more minor health problem, but if it goes untreated over time, it can have some serious health consequences. One major health risk that comes along with insomnia is stroke. A study from Taiwan published in the April issue of the journal Stroke demonstrates the relationship between insomnia and stroke. Over a four-year period, 21,438 subjects with insomnia and 64,314 matched subjects without insomnia were followed.

The results were very interesting and could be of great importance. The authors found that the incidence of stroke was 54 percent more likely to occur in those with insomnia compared to those who slept well. Even more astonishing, however, the researchers found that subjects age 18 to 34 with insomnia had an eight-fold greater risk of stroke. Additionally, when those with insomnia were studied based on chronicity, the rate was considerably higher in those with persistent insomnia.

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