Diabetes and Depression: Recognizing the Symptoms, and 5 Things That Can Help

  • As well as taking control yourself don’t be embarrassed or afraid to seek extra help. If diabetes has taught me one thing it is the value of peer support, same applies here. There will be hundreds of people just like you, go find them and get involved online with these people, you might find it really helps.

Resources Which Might Help

A few links and resources which might help if you feel that depression is lurking in you

  • Diabetes and Depression
  • Mind – The Depression Charity
  • A Great Resource From The Royal College Of Psychiatris
  • The Samaritans

I hope that this blog post at least makes you take a look at yourself and the ones you love, is depression lurking? If you think it might be, don’t try and ignore it, approach it head on and seek some help. You don’t need to fight this alone.

For now.

Take care, help is always there.

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