Symptoms Of MALT Lymphoma: Causes And Treatment Guidelines

MALT lymphoma is a type of cancer affecting the lymphatic system of the body. It is a non –Hodgkin lymphoma. MALT is a short term used for mucosa associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma. Mucosa is a tissue that lines many organs of the body. It is a slow growing cancer which develops when the white blood cells named B-lymphocytes start multiplying in an abnormal way.

MALT lymphoma usually develops in the stomach area. Other organs affected are salivary glands, thyroid, lungs, lachrymal glands, intestine etc. MALT lymphoma develops when there is chronic inflammation caused due to infection or autoimmune disease.

Symptoms of MALT lymphoma depends on the organ involved. For example if salivary gland is involved, patient may have difficulty in eating and drinking, lump in the face, dry mouth etc.

Diagnosis of this cancer is possible with biopsy. Depending on its stage, MALT lymphoma can be treated with chemotherapy, antibiotics, radiotherapy, or surgery.

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