Could it be Dyslexia? Signs of Dyslexia

This is the first post in a 5-day series on Teaching Kids With Dyslexia to Read.  Read the entire series by clicking here.

If you are like I was when we had our first struggling reader some 16 years ago and know nothing about the phenomenon called dyslexia, you may be wondering, as I did, how to know if someone you know dyslexic or not.

It is no great mystery.  There are signs that are indicative of dyslexia that are easy to observe.

Signs of Dyslexia in Young Children

  • Trouble with concepts of time.
  • Unable to follow 2 or 3-step directions.
  • Learn to talk later than other children their age
  • Difficulty learning the names of shapes and colors
  • Difficulty learning letter names and sounds
  • Reversal of syllables and phonemes (letter sounds) within a word.
  • Unable to recognize or produce rhymes.
  • Early stuttering
  • Cannot sequence rote memory concepts such as days of the week, months of the year, alphabet, and numbers.
  • Trouble recognizing letters in words or even their names.
  • Delays with fine motor skills like tying shoes, coloring and writing

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