What it Means to Own Your Spots as a Girl with Vitiligo

“We’re girls who own our spots” – it’s the first line of Living Dappled’s manifesto, the foundational message of the blog. But what does it mean for a girl with vitiligo?

Finding The Right Words

When I first sat down to write Living Dappled’s manifesto, I struggled to find the message I wanted to send. My goal was to create an uplifting space for girls to share everyday life with vitiligo. But a manifesto asks the question “why?” Why was I trying to create a space for girls with vitiligo? What was my mission?

The first thought that popped into my head was the cliché answer – to help girls love their spots. But when you’re living with vitiligo, steeped in social anxiety and declining self-esteem, the idea of loving your spots can seem impossible and vague. Was I ready to tell girls that they should love their spots? What does that look like? And did I even love my own spots?

These were the questions that filled my mind as I struggled to find the words to reflect the message in my heart. After serious soul-searching, my conclusion was simple – you don’t have to love your life with spots, you just have to own it.

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