Precautions after Bypass Surgery, Know the Do’s & Don’ts after Bypass Surgery

Home Care and Lifestyle Changes after Bypass Surgery

When the patient arrives at home from the hospital, s/he requires a homecare provider for at least 15 days. They will help in the following way:

  • Emotional Support after Bypass Surgery: Since it’s a difficult period for the patient, it is essential that the patient is not kept alone. Presence of close family members or a home care provider is essential to provide emotional support and care.
  • Wound Care after Bypass Surgery: Cleaning of the chest incision and grafts according to the doctor’s instructions are a must.
  • Check for Infections at Surgical Site after Bypass Surgery: Check for symptoms of infection on surgical site. In case symptoms of infection are there, one must take doctor’s advice in order to prevent complications.
  • Medications after Bypass Surgery: They should follow the regime of delivering prescribed medicines appropriately to the patient.

Many lifestyle changes are to be made including in work pattern and diet. These include:

  • Physical Activities after Bypass Surgery: Associate the patient during light household work or any other physical activities. They should take precautions that the patient does not get involved with strenuous activities, which will lead to heart problems. Caregiver should ensure that the patient takes plenty of rest between activities.
  • Post Bypass Surgery Diet: Patients must take a healthy diet; however, it should not be high in salt and fat content. Excessive eating by the patient should be avoided.
  • Lifestyle Changes post Bypass Surgery: Patients must not smoke, consume alcohol, and frequently travel outside.
    The patient should not ignore if he has fever, extreme fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, and palpitations, and should immediately contact the doctor.

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