Precautions after Bypass Surgery, Know the Do’s & Don’ts after Bypass Surgery

An Overview of Bypass Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass (CAB) surgery is also known as coronary bypass, coronary bypass graft surgery or bypass surgery. In this case, a new artery is taken from leg or arm and is attached to the heart through which the blood flows to the heart. This serves as a bypass to the diseased artery. Since this surgery involves using a healthy artery from another section of the body to bypass the diseased artery which is blocked, it is known as Coronary bypass surgery. The bypass creates a new blood flow for oxygen rich blood which the heart requires to function properly.

During bypass surgery, the sternum is divided, the heart is stopped for a while and the blood is sent via a heart-lung machine when the surgery is being performed to the rest of the body. In contrast with other types of open heart surgery, the heart chambers are not opened while doing a bypass surgery. Depending on the number of arteries that are bypassed it is called as single, double, triple or quadruple bypass.

What are the Precautions to be taken after Bypass Surgery?

Bypass surgery is a major operation in a patient’s life. It takes 6 weeks or more (4-12 weeks) for the overall recovery. During this period, it is essential to follow precautions to reduce problems caused from risk factors and prevent recurrence of the heart attacks.

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