4 Tips To Help you Dine Out Post Weight Loss Surgery

There are a number of adjustments that you have to introduce to your lifestyle post weight loss surgery, including your diet. You can, however, still enjoy some of the little things you fancy, such as eating out, without disrupting your weight-loss objectives or hampering recovery from surgery.  What is important is introducing the recommended adjustments to your meal choices post weight loss surgery, and you can socialize with friends over dinner or take your family out for dinner. In this blog post, we provide four helpful tips for when you wish you dine out with family or friends after undergoing weight loss surgery in Perth or any other place.


Keep your Weight Loss Surgery card on you whenever you dine out. The card bears your physician’s signature, and helps inform restaurants about your weight loss surgery, and the fact that you need smaller than usual servings. You can give the card to a waiter discreetly, when placing your order and also ask for healthy meal choices. Presenting your WLS card when ordering meals also qualifies you for discounts at many restaurants.

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